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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Specific Topics

  1. Safety/Privacy of Documents

  2. Trial/Testing of Service

  3. Documents for Processing

  4. Document Transfer

  5. Document Preparation

  6. Payment and Pricing

  7. Bundle Processing Speciality

  8. Do I Need Your Processing Service?


  1. What is Lex Technicae?

    We write software and provide services for advocates and solicitors.

    Among others, we specialize in processing documents and producing digital court bundles.

    At the moment, our services and tools are principally focused on litigators and court work. We are working on tools for transactional solicitors.

  2. Do you offer legal advice?

    No. Lex Technicae does not function as advocates and solicitors. We do not and cannot advise you on the merits of any particular brief. We do not undertake research, or evaluate cases, or conduct drafting. We do not serve any party specifically. We do not take interest in the outcome of court proceedings. We do not take a cut from legal fees, nor do we deal with litigants or laymen clients directly. We take ethical concerns seriously.

    At most, we comment on the form of the bundles we are tasked to digitally process, and only raise issues to ensure their compliance with applicable rules/practice directions.

  3. How much do your services cost?

    For our digital bundling services, see our Pricing/Rates, and our FAQ on Payment and Pricing.

  4. Where are your services available?

    Throughout all states of Peninsular Malaysia. We are reachable online and by phone and process bundles during office hours every working day.

  5. How do I engage you for my bundles?

    It’s easy - just follow this.


  1. What other services do you provide?

    We do a lot more than just bundles. We craft custom code and software, and also offer consulting services to lawyers and law firms. Write to us if you’re interested. Maybe we’re a match.

  2. What other software do you provide?

    We have a roadmap. We will release various tools/software of interest and direct use to lawyers over the course of 2021 and 2022.

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