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How We Process Your Bundle

What, Why and How

What does it mean for us to ‘process your bundles’?

  1. We take your documents and turn them either into a bundle of authorities, a record of appeal, or a trial bundle.

  2. Our processing service helps lawyers get rid of a common professional legal headache, and quickly creates court bundles:

    1. that comply with the specifications of the applicable Rules and/or practice directions;

    2. even where there are hundreds or thousands of pages/documents to sort, categorize and bundle, in both straightforward and difficult court cases; and

    3. through an automated, computer code-driven process that checks for errors and many edge cases (with subsequent human review).

  3. Our processing service is priced fairly, transparently, and is cost-effective. It makes business sense for sole proprietors, tightly-knit legal teams, and other lawyers who must otherwise spend time gruelling over bundles, a labour that may waste hours/days of valuable time.

The Benefits of Our Digital Bundles

  1. Our bundling process:

    1. indexes, sorts, paginates, and splits up your digital bundles into consistently-sized volumes;

    2. creates digital bookmarks, which allow you to jump between the different items in a bundle, reducing the need for manual scrolling;

    3. gives you PDF files, which are reproducible, printable, and can be easily emailed or served upon opposing parties and the court;

    4. is several orders of magnitude faster than the work of regular human hands, and may be helpful when your case has tight deadlines and many documents (or both); and

    5. is less error-prone compared to the work of clerks/inexperienced juniors, who sometimes make careless mistakes that calls for a more senior associate/partner to spend further time, money and energy making corrections.

  2. We only require you/your representative solicitor to do a review at the end, after processing. This is to ensure that the documents follow your style, and are without issue, and ready to file by your standards.


  1. We do not accept physical documents, and we do not scan for you. Please refer to our Document Transfer FAQ.

  2. We are not photocopiers. We produce digital bundles, which may then be printed, photocopied or filed by your clerks.

  3. Worried about the sensitive nature of your documents? Don’t be - we take document/client privacy and confidentiality very seriously.

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