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FAQ - Document Transfer

  1. How do I transfer my documents to you?

  2. Do you accept physical documents?

  3. Can you scan my documents for me?

  4. What documents should I send to you?

  5. What if my documents are missing or incomplete?

  6. What sort of processed documents will I get?

  1. How do I transfer my documents to you?

    1. First, scan or save your documents in PDF format. You may use your office scanner or scanning services.

    2. Second, send your documents to us. We accept documents by email, syncing services (such as Dropbox, Box, Resilio Sync), repository links, and in limited circumstances, through Telegram and Whatsapp.

    3. Third, your scanned documents will be checked for quality.

    4. Fourth, if your documents are of sufficient quality, we will process your digital bundles immediately after payment.

    5. If your scanned documents are not of sufficient quality to file (because of file corruption, low resolution, field/security errors, inconsistent page sizes, metadata issues, etc), we will ask that you re-scan them again, or seek professional scanning services from printers/printing shops first.

      No charges will be incurred at any of the above stages. (Charges are only incurred for the actual processing.)

    6. Once processed, your digital bundles will be returned to you.

    For an overview, we’ve simplified the steps for how you get from your documents to processed bundles quickly.

  2. Do you accept physical documents?

    No. We do not accept physical documents, especially originals.

    Our goal is to simplify the digital processing of bundles of documents. Physical documents will soon be counter-productive, given the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and movement control orders/restrictions, and the court’s strong push towards use of digital documents.

  3. Can you scan my documents for me?

    No. It is more cost-effective for you to scan your document yourself, or to hire professional scanners/printers to do so. Take notice that:

    1. Scanned PDF copies of case law/journals can be downloaded from their online publishers’ websites.

    2. Scanned cause papers can be obtained through a court file-search.

  4. What documents should I send to you?

    To create bundles of authorities, send us all relevant case law/journals, statutes or references.

    For trial bundles, send us documents with proper filenames - refer to our Documents Preparation FAQ.

    For appeal records/bundles, send us copies of associated cause papers. For instance:

    1. In interlocutory appeals, send us the original notice of application, affidavits, submissions, bundle of authorities, orders, and the grounds of judgment; then the Notice of Appeal, Memorandum of Appeal and Chronology of Facts/Events.

    2. For post-trial appeals from originating processes, send us the bundles of pleadings, the trial documents, witness statements, exhibits (as entered into evidence), the judgment/order and related grounds; and further, the associated appeal documents.

  5. What if my documents are missing or incomplete?

    We process bundles on the assumption that the documents you provide and specify for bundling are complete.

    In limited cases, if it appears that your documents are potentially in conflict with the applicable rules of court (usually for appeal records), we may query you before processing.

    In most cases however, you/your representative solicitor must know and specify exactly what is to be included in your bundles, as it is the duty of the solicitor to discuss/maintain the evidence of his or her client. We process only those documents that we are instructed to process. The reason:

    1. We are an impartial processing service.

    2. We do not override solicitors. Nor do we volunteer our opinion as to relevancy or completeness.

    3. We do not know what your ongoing circumstances are. We will not know if there are applicable interim orders, court rulings/directions, or rejected documents/evidence/exhibits - as may require certain documents to be included or excluded from bundles - unless you/your representative solicitor notifies us.

  6. What sort of processed documents will I get?

    You can expect one or multiple PDF files for the type of digital bundle you choose.

    If you did not provide an index, then the PDF file(s) will be accompanied by a generated index, in PDF format or Microsoft Word (*.docx) format.

    Where relevant and necessary (usually complex matters), we will also produce charts or chronology maps to help with your assessment.

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