Lex Technicae

FAQ - Safety/privacy of documents

  1. Preservation.

    On account of litigation timelines, which generally span years, we maintain copies of your digital bundle(s) for a period of only 2 years from the time of processing/completion.

    While retained, you may request copies of the digital bundles freely, at any time, at no cost, if you have misplaced the documents or require another copy for any reason.

    At the 2-year period, all copies of your digital bundles will be automatically destroyed. Notwithstanding this, you may at any time request the copies we hold to be permanently destroyed.

  2. Privacy.

    Your data and your clients’ data are sensitive and private. For security, all documents sent to us will be stored encrypted. Your documents and digital bundles will not be accessible to anyone save for you or your recognised representative solicitor who acts in a particular brief.

    For further security, we do not provide online accounts for retrieval of documents. You must contact us to obtain additional copies of your processed digital bundles.

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