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FAQ - Do I Need Your Processing Service?

  1. Who engages your digital processing services?

    Our service mainly assists:

    1. Trial and appellate lawyers involved in complex litigation, who deal with large/voluminous numbers of documents.

    2. Sole proprietors who do not have the technical knowledge to bundle digitally, and those who do not want to waste time bundling documents digitally.

    3. Small firms, particularly:

      1. those that prefer associates to focus on fee-earning matters;

      2. those with limited hands, as clerks/associates may not always be around in light of COVID-19 and enforced movement restrictions;

      3. those that worry if clerks cannot correctly cope with bundles without supervision.

    4. Young firms/solicitors with minimal experience in preparing court bundles. (Fresh lawyers not acquainted with trial/appeal bundles may find our service a valuable learning aid.)

    5. Litigators swamped with documents requiring assistance under tight deadlines.

    If you fall under the above criteria, there is good cause to engage us to digitally process your bundles. Otherwise, see below.

  2. I can process bundles myself. I have my own software and my style. Do I need your service?

    Not necessarily.

    If you can speedily process your own bundles, we encourage you to continue doing so. You can instead engage us on an ad-hoc basis if your cases feature voluminous documents, or documents that overwhelm your usual capacity to bundle.

    Not sure? You can always try us out once for free.

  3. How do you value your services?

    We are confident about our services, and do not compete on lowest-prices.

    We base our pricing/rates on speed of delivery, execution and business value.

    As such, our rates though fair may not be cost-effective in simple legal actions (where there are few documents), in cases involving small quantums, or where increased efficiency and the reduction of labour/man-hours is simply not a business concern to you.

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