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You're counsel. With limited time. We'd love to digitally bundle documents for you.

Love the law.
Leave the bundles (to us).

We make digital bundles for use in court - i.e. bundles of authorities, records of appeals, and trial bundles.

Our processing time is on the order of seconds or minutes. Turnaround times often only take an hour.

Send your scanned documents. We'll make the digital bundles and indexes. With code. Our efficient process cuts through thousands of pages and entire volumes rapidly. It reduces human errors, and even checks for potential procedural issues. Code and law, together.

And best of all: your digital bundles, though pending review, are usually ready to file.

Learn how to use our services.

It's easy. (We're friendly.)

You've better things to do.

Don't bundle physically.

Your time and energy are precious. And best spent on clients, fee-earning matters, and more important things in life, like family, friends and hobbies. Not bundling.

Let us process your digital bundles for you.

Practise law. Not its drudgery.

We work fast.

We're swift, and systematic. With properly-scanned and identified documents, we can slice through authorities, trial bundles, and records of appeals quickly. Bundles come out indexed, sorted, digitally bookmarked, paginated/numbered, and split up in consistently-sized volumes.

You follow the Rules.
So do we.

Our bundles are Rules-compliant. We standardize in accordance with applicable practice directions and the rules -- namely the Rules of Court 2012, the Rules of the Court of Appeal 1994 and/or the Rules of the Federal Court 1995.

  • Our bundles are digitally bookmarked and navigable, can be e-filed, reprinted, photocopied, archived, shared and/or served upon learned friends.
  • Bundles are always proofread for consistency, and then verified with your representative solicitor.

We serve and price accordingly.

Our services may be perfect for you.

Our rates are reasonably premium, given the value and speed of our services. See our pricing/rates and FAQ on payments.

And read some amusing reviews from learned friends.

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