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We use flat rates. This keeps things simple.

Bundle of authorities.

- Fixed at RM100.

Appeal records.

- From RM300 to RM1000.

Trial bundles.

- RM600 to RM1200 and upwards.

Bundles, not volumes.

Our price is based on the number of bundles we digitally process, not the quantity of documents, pages or volumes involved.

A 'bundle' refers to all applicable documents in a single court matter/proceeding. Even if a bundle is broken into many volumes ('jilid-jilid'), it will still count as one bundle.

It does not matter how many documents, pages or volumes you ask us to process. We charge only by bundles. Whether for authorities, records of appeals or trials.

This makes payments straightforward.

  • Example - consider a hypothetical interlocutory appeal.
  • Whether its bundle/record of appeal has 300 pages (over 3 volumes) or 3000 pages (over 15 volumes) does not matter. If there is only one bundle to digitally process, you pay RM300.
  • It makes no difference to us how many voluminous affidavits or exhibits or submissions or transcripts or notices or pleadings have to be processed in that appeal: if they fall under a single bundle, you will only be charged RM300.
  • If the documents count towards one appeal, you pay RM300 for one bundle. If there are two appeals, you pay RM600. And so on.

Direct rates.

Our pricing structure makes it easy to calculate the cost of digitally processing bundles, and to allocate digital bundle-processing charges as a necessary part of your client's disbursements.

We never impose hidden charges. We always inform upfront - before processing - if there are any increments or reductions to our rates on account of pricing changes or your additional requests/instructions. More information can be found in our Payment and Pricing FAQ.

For repeat clients, we are happy to discuss packages and provide better rates.

Upfront rates. Nothing hidden.

Authorities. Fixed.

The rates for bundles of authorities are standard.

  • Digital bundle of authorities - RM100 per single order. You can provide as many authorities as you need in a single order.
  • Any additional variation to a bundle already finalized: RM20 per change.

Appeals. Standard.

The rates for bundles of records of appeals are standard, but based on whether they are interlocutory proceedings, or full proceedings.

  • Digital bundle for records of appeal - interlocutory - from a subordinate court to a High Court - RM300.
  • Digital bundle for records of appeal - interlocutory - to the Court of Appeal - RM450.
  • Digital bundle for records of appeal - interlocutory - to the Federal Court - RM1000.
  • Digital bundle for records of appeal - after full trial - from a subordinate court to a High Court - RM600.
  • Digital bundle for records of appeal - after full trial - from the High Court to the Court of Appeal - RM1200.
  • Any additional variation to a bundle already finalized: RM100 per change.

Trials. Fluid.

The rates for trial bundles are custom.

  • Digital trial bundles - in a subordinate court - starts at RM600.
  • Digital trial bundles - in the High Court - starts at RM1200.
  • Pricing for trial bundles is fluid. Actual end prices revolve around the complexity and finality of documents. Although a flat price will always be given, trial bundles subject to changes in classification, document categories, objections and delays may be priced higher.
  • A custom quotation will be issued after we have sighted the documents you require us to process.
  • Large trial bundles are quick to process, but may take time to review (compared to bundles of authorities/appeal records).
  • Any additional variation to a bundle already finalized: RM200 per change.

Note: the above rates are specific to Malaysian lawyers. We have had requests from overseas solicitors/jurisdictions, and the rates for such bundles/orders will be different (given the differing rules and/or requirements that we will be tasked to cater for), and in USD for ease of currency conversion.

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