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Bundles of authorities are used at all levels of court, during hearings and arguments. They are part and parcel of legal submissions, and contain legislation/statutes, case law, and references to legal texts of binding or persuasive value.

The rates for bundles of authorities are standard.

Stare decisis.

Send us the authorities you wish to include in your bundle.

You can even let us build an index for you. We'll apply a logical sorting method, which is consistent and makes referencing easy. Less time spent on your part.

  • Statutes come first.
  • Then comes decisions/precedents.
  • And then references.
  • The order of listing also respects the hierarchy/level of courts and the date of decisions.

You've got your style.

If you sort things differently, let us know.

Give us your index. We'll follow the specific order in which you want authorities to be listed. And we'll fill out your bundle page references for you. Automatically.

  • This is often requested when you want your authorities to follow the narrative order of your legal submissions. We'll make it work.
  • Note: With non-physical bundles and digital bookmarks, the listing of authorities need not strictly the order of submissions.

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