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First time? Learn how to go from your documents to processed bundles quickly.

Bundles galore.

We make three types of digital bundles: for authorities, for appeals, and for trials.

Read more about our bundle of authorities, our bundles for records of appeals and bundles for trials.

  • Each bundle contains digital bookmarks. These can be used to leap from document to document, rather than having to scroll through. This is particular useful when discussing strategy, during meetings, and in court hearings. We are also investigating counsel demand for automated hyperlinks.
  • You can choose how many pages appear per volume. Unless otherwise specified, we will follow the requirements of any applicable practice directions, rules, or convenience for printing purposes. For instance, court of appeal records are limited to 200 pages per volume. This makes them easy for photocopiers to bind.
  • Bundles are by practice paginated. This practice should continue, since physical/coloured tabs don't make sense in digital bundles. So specify how you intend your numbering, and where you want them placed (top-right, bottom-right, etc).
  • Additional volumes are incrementally paginated. If there are 500 pages in volume 1, the next document in volume 2 begins from page 501. You can specify otherwise.
  • If you've come to us for digital bundling in the court of first instance, come back to us if there are appeals. So long as we maintain your digital bundles, we can redact earlier ordered paginations with ease. No more liquid paper, manual redactions and unsightly ink blots.

Get it sorted.

We sort documents logically. Bundle indexes distinguish items by their dates, types, by classifications, court hierarchies, and so on.

Want to sort documents a different way? No problem. We do manual sorting when requested.

Have you seen how to use our services?

See, or ask.

You follow the Rules. So do we.

Our bundles are Rules-compliant.

We standardize as best as possible in accordance with the Rules -- namely the Rules of Court 2012, the Rules of the Court of Appeal 1994 and/or the Rules of the Federal Court 1995 and whichever practice directions are applicable. If your documents don't fit into the usual mold, or discretion is required, we always check with you.

  • Trial bundles are designed to comply with O. 34 of the Rules of Court 2012.
  • Appeal bundles to the Court of Appeal will follow the Rules of the Court of Appeal 1994/Rules of the Court of Appeal (Amendment) 2018, and the Court of Appeal Practice Direction No. 1 of 2017.

Timelines and urgencies, complied.

At times, court work may leave you breathless. Short timelines, urgencies, injunctions, stays - they demand quick responses. When necessary, we burn the midnight oil and can process your bundles in urgency. Within reason, we will even accommodate extraordinary deadlines with sufficient notice.

Let's work together.

Bundles will be prepared for you, together with you.

  • We follow you/your representative solicitor's requirements, and process only those documents provided.
  • Before the processed bundles are received and signed off, we can update them at no cost.

In certain matters, our code may even generate related documents for you.

  • For instance, the indexes of bundles of authorities are automatically generated for you.
  • Perhaps a chronological listing of all available documents. Backwards or forwards. With flowcharts.
  • Or if a case has gone on for years, this may help refresh your memory: a case-based, status listing of all available documents. Across entire swaths of records.


Digitally created bundles can be easily reproduced. If you lose your original copies, we can re-email the same copy to you within 2 years at no cost.


We will not advise you on the merits, but we will let you know if there are potential issues with your bundle, which may not be caught by untrained pupils/juniors or support staff (i.e. clerks and secretaries).


All bundles will be verified, and be approved by the representative solicitor before they are finalized.

Digital bundles, processed.

See what 'processing' means.

Have it your way.

We follow your style. If you have specific tastes, we'll try to comply.

  • Fonts. Colours. Shapes. Arrangements. For repeat clients, your firm's generated documents can consistently feature your style. We'll learn.
  • Branding matters. Your firm logo can be applied to the indexes of bundles.

Speedy bundles.

Bundles normally take hours, or days, to properly prepare.

Fortunately, if your documents are already scanned and organized, we can digitally process court bundles in their entirety for you. At speed.

Processing mostly takes seconds or minutes. We then check the processed bundles and their generated indexes for quality. Most digital bundles are usually returned to you for review and verification in less than an hour after payment.

Get on with work (or a drink) while you wait.

Proper rates.

We use flat, easy-to-calculate rates. There are no hidden charges. See our pricing and rates.

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