Lex Technicae

by Lex Technicae
Published December 14, 2020

Leave the Indexes to Us

One common question we’ve been getting at Lex Technicae: do I need to prepare indexes?

Quick answer: No, you don’t! That’s for us to do.

All you should do is send your documents to us. That’s all. For example, take a record of appeal:

  1. We’ll build the bundles, and generate the draft index for you.

  2. You can send the generated draft index to your opponent for checking, verification and amendments.

  3. Once amended, pass it back to us. we’ll make the necessary corrections to the bundle, and give you the processed bundle for review.

At no point do you have to make indexes, or bundle documents yourself, no matter how thick or laborious. Leave that to us. Spare your energy and precious thinking time for your memorandum of appeal and counsel work.

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