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Please accept the following reviews in good faith (and with a chuckle). Reviews are cited verbatim.

We regret that we cannot publish the names of advocates and solicitors who have used our services - Rule 18 of the Legal Profession (Publicity) Rules 2001 disallows advocates and solicitors from giving direct endorsements:

“…Rule 18. (2A) No Advocate and Solicitor or his firm shall advertise or endorse the goods, products, projects of or services provided by any person whether or not such person is his client.”

[Ins. P.U.(A) 176/2009]

If you have concerns, reach out and try/test our services yourself. Your first bundle of authorities is always free and without obligations.

  1. Advocate and Solicitor, #1:

    “You gave me a full bundle in 9 minutes. Dude.”

  2. Advocate and Solicitor, #2:

    “…my colleague just got back to me its all in order DAMN IMPRESSIVE AND FAST TURN AROUND TIME - i think the Index is damn good cause honestly i need to immediately know which Court did the Judgment originated from”

  3. Advocate and Solicitor, #3:

    “…I think it’s obvious that that’s fast. You took, what, 20 minutes for a full record of appeal?”

  4. Advocate and Solicitor, #4:


    “Gotta say I’m loving the service so far. Not being sarcastic. It’s so easy for me to train a paralegal to compile the index and download the authorities, then email to you. And if you magically compile all and I can just thereafter print on my side. Foohhh. Seamless and I don’t need printing boys sia”

  5. Advocate and Solicitor, #5:

    “You’ve got a repeat customer”

  6. Advocate and Solicitor, #6:

    “Thank you so much for all the bundles! I will definitely use your service again and will recommend your service to my friends/ colleagues.”

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